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Things To Know When Planning for a Rebuild Transmission

What is Transmission

A transmission is a device that changes the speediness, rotation, and flow of power. It is used in vehicles to shift gears; this can be done automatically as well as manually depending on your vehicle’s type. A rebuild transmission will save you money on your car purchase and help you get a better car for less money.

The benefits of buying a used transmission are that they tend to be cheaper because they have already been paid off by the previous owner, it will save you from having to pay for repairs in the future, and you can use it as an opportunity to upgrade your vehicle with more horsepower or more features

There are two types of transmission in the car. Automatic transmission nowadays is the most usual sort of transmission in vehicles today. Manual transmission is mostly preferred by people who want to drive a car with better controller or for rough, country driving.

You can find many used transmissions in the market that are available at affordable prices. It is because they are old models and people don’t want them anymore. And they don’t have any defects or damages, so you can buy them without any worries.

Failing of transmission can put your life on a halt. Such problems cannot be ignored as the transmission is such an important part of your vehicle. Transmission repairs also cost a lot, and can cause a serious dent in your pocket.

Even if you feel like not doing it, delaying such problems can cause major damage to other auto parts of your vehicle. In some cases, you may have to rebuild the transmission. Rebuilding is a procedure of restoring and replacement of auto parts of the transmission in order to make it function like a new transmission.

Rebuilding a transmission can comprise of major repairs and refurbishments, numerous auto parts may be changed or restored, or the process can be as simple as replacing just a few parts and giving the transmission a good clean-up. It shouldn’t matter what kind of rebuilding your transmission needs or you think it may need, you should be aware of what is required and how much money it will cost you.

Reasons your Transmission Needs a Rebuild

Few parts of your vehicle’s transmission can easily be repaired without removing them you’re your vehicle, as they can be reached without any difficulty. But if a part requires mending and cannot be retrieved or reached, in such situations the transmission will be removed from your vehicle

Sometimes the damage in your transmission is so much that it is beyond repair. Prolonged use, deterioration can be the reason of damage of your gears and other parts, when something like this happens, a rebuild is required to change the parts with the brans new ones or used parts.

What is Exactly Involved in Rebuilding

Fully rebuilding a transmission includes extracting the transmission and totally taking it apart. Each part is individually examined for damage or overuse. Parts that are still in good shape will be washed and cleaned and reused, and any part which is damaged will be mended and repaired. Overused damaged parts like gasket, seals and clutches will be changed as well.

Difference Between Transmission Rebuild and Overhaul

There is actually no particular difference between both of them. These two terms actually mean the same thing and they are being used. The two terms mean the same thing, and people have been using them interchangeably all along. But you should still know if you are getting a rebuild, what parts will be replaced, which part will only need some mending etc. You need to be fully aware of the services you are going to receive from the repair shop and that they understand your requirement.

Save repairs for the professionals.

If you are not a professional mechanic or someone who has been working and rebuilding his own auto parts for years, it it’s better to hire a professional mechanic in order to avoid further damaging your vehicle.

Types of Transmission

  • Manual – car owner activates a gear to regulate how fast and in which course the car travels.
  • Automatic – the driver does not need to operate any controls, as the car’s computer automatically selects which gear to use for any given situation.
  • Semi-automatic – driver operates a clutch and/or gearshift, but still has no say in what gear will be used for any given situation.
  • Sequential manual – driver works with a clutch or gear and sometimes both, but still can’t regulate the gear changes on his own accord.

Other Important Transmission Parts


Gears are used to increase force and for changing speed. Unlike previous old vehicles, most of the current models have several gears that can range from 5 to 10.


The clutch is one of the most important auto parts of any vehicle, it engages as well as disengages the drive train from rotating the drive shaft. This process lets you change gears and keep the vehicle’s forward motion by disengaging the clutch.

What are Remanufactured Parts

Remanufactured auto parts are those used auto parts that have been fully pulled down and reconstructed. Any damaged and overused pats are replaced, this process makes remanufactured parts as dependable and good as a new one.

Drain The Fluid

You need to drain all the transmission fluid out before carrying out the mending and repairing process.

Buy used transmission from JASK Auto parts

When you buy used transmission, you can save up to 50% on your purchase. Used transmissions come with a lot more benefits for people who want to save money on their car purchases. When you buy used transmission, you are getting it at a much cheaper price than the new one. The used transmission is in good condition and you can save a lot of money.

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