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4 Common Power Steering Problems and Its Solution

The best quality tires, modern engine, and top-performing equipment may amount to zero without a good and safe steering wheel. Your vehicles power steering wheel is the one component of your vehicle that you are in touch with literally all the time you are driving. Steering involves continuous attention; it’s not shocking that loss of power steering is one of the top safety concerns.

A Power steering failure does not mean that it will cause an accident, but it can make certain risks more hazardous. Let’s take a deeper look at some most common power steering complications, and what you can be done to avoid any future disaster/ accidents.

Power Steering Failure – A Grave Safety Threat

If you this power steering troubles are not that big od an issue, have a look at some of the recall’s automakers had to make because of power steering issues. Ford Motor Company had to recall almost half-million cars a few years back because of a power steering malfunction.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigated few complaints about few SUVs about sudden loss of control and difficulty in control. Later an independent investigation as also determined few certain cases of loss of control or difficulty in control. Only a few cases of loss of control made Ford Motors recalled more than 420,000 vehicles because losing control on steering wheel is considered that dangerous and a grave safety issue, and so should you. It is a big problem and very dangerous situation and you should consider it so.

Power Steering Problems and Solutions, When Your Steering is Giving you trouble

Unresponsive and Stiff Electric Steering

Take this power steering problem, this one is not directly connected to the lack of power steering fluid. Usually, this kind of non-hydraulic problem occurs due to the failure of the power steering system’s electrical mechanisms. Electric assist mechanism damage causes stiffness in the steering wheel.

Solution: A code reader can help you figure out what and where exactly the problem is. But if you don’t own a code reader it may take a long time to find out the root cause of the problem. You need to inspect the fuse box and try to find visible defects and damages to the battery, voltage, fuse wires, and their connections.

If nothing works and you can’t seem to find a solution, you can turn off your car and restart it, doing this will retune all the electronic parts and your electric steering may start to work. But this is not and long-term solution and not even the right one, you need to take your car to a professional mechanic and get it checked, he will be able to properly diagnose the problem and fix it too.

Hydraulic Power Loss

If turning your steering wheel takes too much strength than it should, then maybe the loss of power in the steering hydraulic assist is the root cause. To check the hydraulic fluid level accurately, start your car and let it run for a couple of minutes, this will give you the most accurate result. You will not get a precise result if you check for hydraulic fluid levels when your car is cold.

Solution: The most obvious and first thing to do, when your steering wheel feels jammed or a little too tight is to check for hydraulic fluid level. But checking the fluid level is just the first step in the process of figuring out the root cause of this problem. Once you have established that the hydraulic fluid level is indeed low, you need to find out the reason behind it. Minor damage in the hydraulic lines, faulty components, or damage caused by a current accident can cause leakage and depletion of steering fluid.

Squawky Noise / Crushing Noise / Screechy Noise When You Make a Turn

A screech, piercing sound or crushing sound may not mean any sudden damage or threat to the vehicle’s steering wheel system but may be a sign of impending complications you are about to face in the future. Most of the time startling noises, power steering screechy, and grinding noises are something to do with your belt drive.

Solution: You need to inspect your power steering pump pulley or you can have a professional have a look at it. You will need some assistance and help of a friend for this one,

carefully jack your vehicle high and ask one person to try and twist the wheel and the other can observe the power steering belt closely. If you feel like the power steering belt is slipping, you need to adjust and tighten it. Make sure that your vehicle is shut off already before performing any work on the power steering belt.

Leaking Power Steering Fluid

A noticeable leakage is a serious problem to the safety and productivity of your vehicle’s power steering system. If you ever see a slippery, murky brown liquid, under your vehicle and it smells like burned oil, you need to check your power steering fluid level. The smell has been described as a mixture of fresh oil and used old oil.

Solution: Power steering fluid leakages are typically a result of a fractured or old and overused hose that transfers the power steering pump. While you are at it closely examine hose clamps and other connections. If all seems OK, your next step is to check the power steering pump and power steering rack. Any one of these can be the cause of leakage including the pump itself.

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