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The transmission is the set of gears that are used to convert the engine power into mechanical power. The gears are turned by a drive shaft, which is connected to the engine. This shaft is connected to one or more gear boxes which in turn are connected to the axles.

If your cars were built to last, would it make our life so much easier? But as we all know, they are not, so we can either spend everything we have in mending and updating them or we can try to find a cheaper and more affordable way to repair them. There are 2 costliest repairs that we all want to avoid at all cost i.e., transmission repair ore replacement or engine repair or replacement.

Used transmission dealers and used auto part dealers are good options if you want to save some money. Buying a used engine and used auto parts is a great option to save money, it is important that you choose a quality transmission for your vehicle. Before googling “used transmission near me”, here are some tips to make sure you get a quality transmission. First and foremost, before looking for used transmission for sale, make sure you know exactly what you want, type of used transmission, knowing make and model of your vehicle with VIN number is important.

1. Check for any Leakages

This is a primary issue with maximum transmissions, so ensure you don`t buy a used transmission that has a leakage. You can take a look at the transmission liquid levels and to be add some more to see if it leaks and drips.

2. Take a Look at Vehicles Body

The body of a vehicle could be very telling, it can tell you about cars history and if it was taken care by the previous owner. What you need to look for is any sign of damage due to crash or accident. Minot work on a vehicles body is not a big concern, but if you notice a lot of body work, it could mean that the vehicle may have been in an accident and this could cause a serious damage to the transmission too.

3. Consult a Mechanic

Bringing a mechanic with you while you purchase a used transmission can be very beneficial for you, especially if you are not an expert in vehicles. You can get a lot of information about the used transmission or any other used auto part from an expert mechanic. Having an expert mechanic with can make the process of buying a used transmission very easy for you.

4. Warranty

The used auto part seller you purchase the used transmission from will in all likelihood have a guarantee in place. Make sure the terms of warren suit your requirements. Write down everything to avoid any confusion in future.

5. Find out about the History

Some dealers may have details about the history of the used transmission. Ask the seller to provide you with all the information to avoid any risks in future.

JASK auto parts offers you quality used auto parts, used OEM auto parts with warranty and at affordable prices. Call us today to find your perfect used auto part!


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