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Reasons why Manual Transmissions are still popular

Reasons why Manual Transmissions are still popular.Previously a most of vehicles were controlled with a manual transmission. After automatic transmissions became reasonably priced and dependable around 1950’s, they became popular and in demand. By 1990’s, automatic transmission became so widespread that people preferred it over learning to drive a stick.

Now, manual transmissions are disappearing. Manual transmissions are still quite popular when it comes to heavy-duty vehicles and sporty cars. Roughly 10% manual transmission cars are sold it USA at present. Here are few reasons why we think manual transmission is still popular among car enthusiast.

What is Transmission

Transmissions are an integral part of a car’s drivetrain. They are responsible for the movement of the gears and allow for a smooth transition from one gear to another. Transmission is usually made up of two parts: a torque converter and a set of gears. The torque converter takes power from the engine and converts it to rotational force, which then turns the gears that in turn spin your wheels.

Transmissions can be manual or automatic, depending on how they function. Manual transmissions require more work on behalf of the driver, but they provide more control over how fast you accelerate and when you shift gears. Automatic transmissions are easier to use because they do all this for you, but they can also be problematic if something goes wrong with them because there’s no way to manually override them

Buying a used transmission is a good idea for those who are looking to save money. It is cheaper than buying a new one, and it is also good for the environment. It is important to know that there are some risks involved with buying a used transmission, so you should be careful about what you buy.

There are numerous benefits of ordering a used transmission. One of the main benefits is that it will save you money, which can be very helpful if you have been struggling financially lately or if you have been spending more than you budgeted for on your car in general. Another benefit of buying a used transmission is that it will reduce the amount of waste created by manufacturing an entirely new part.

When purchasing a used transmission, it is important to know the quality of the transmission. There are many factors that can affect the quality of a used transmission.

One factor in determining the quality of a used transmission is the mileage on it. The higher the mileage on a used transmission, the more likely it will need to be replaced soon.

Another factor in determining the quality of a used transmission is how well it was maintained. If someone took good care of their car and had regular oil changes and tune ups, then they are more likely to have a high-quality used transmission than someone who never did any work on their car at all.

JASK offers you the largest supply of used transmission in USA. We provide quality transmission to our customers by testing and inspecting each and every auto part we offer. We conduct a detailed examination of every auto part to confirm that every transmission we deliver is up to quality standards. If you are looking for a second hand or used transmission near your area but are unable to find one which fits your budget and quality standards then your wait is over, JASK has thoroughly tested and inspected used auto parts ready to ship all over USA.

Reasons why Manual Transmissions are still popular

Warranty – All Transmissions Covered by standard 90-Day Warranty

Extensive Catalogue – JASK has an extensive catalog of used transmissions, you can easily find any used transmission compatible with your vehicle.

Customer Service – We have a vell well trained and experienced customer service executives. If you are having difficulty in finding used transmission for your vehicle or having any other issue, you can get in touch with our customer service department and they will surely solve your query and help you with whatever problem you are facing.

Low Mileage Transmissions – We provide high quality transmissions with low mileage, all used transmissions are tested for Noise, Smoke and Compression in order to provide you with only quality products.

Fuel Economy

Current vehicles are fuel efficient way more than they were a couple of years back, but they still cannot compare to human instinct and awareness. Current automatic transmission may have better fuel economy, 8 speed and lock-up torque converter, but it can’t see the landscape or comprehend which wat traffic will move. In the right hands of an experienced driver, a manual transmission can really fuel efficient.

Simple and Reliable

Automatic transmissions are extremely intricate and complicated. If an automatic transmission fails, it can cost you thousands of dollars to repair or change the damaged auto part. On the other hand, a manual transmission has less chance of damage. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to change the clutch.

Your vehicle will not be used by other people

Do you have an amazing vehicle that everyone wants to borrow and drive, but you don’t like this idea at all? Try telling people that your vehicle is not automatic, and see the change in their interest. Most of the people don’t know how to drive a stick, or are not comfortable with it.

Manual is safer

You mostly need both hands to drive a stick shift. Which will result in no texting or talking on phone and you are less likely to zone out, as you will be changing gears while driving.

If You Can Drive Manual, You Can Pretty Much Drive Any Car

If you know how to drive a manual car, you can drive any vehicle, as learning to drive and driving is a skill. This skill helps you to drive all sorts of vehicles. Any old vehicle or commercial vehicles will not detour you from driving it.

Proper Control Over Your Car

When you are driving a manual vehicle, you can regulate precisely how much power the engine is sending to the wheels. This will help you during bad weather conditions, or in winter during blizzard and snow-covered roads. It is also very useful during off-roading.

Discourages Thieves

When most of the population doesn’t know how to drive a stick, the potential of your vehicle getting stolen also decreases a lot. If a thief doesn’t know how to drive a stick, he probably won’t touch your vehicle.

Battery Start

If you ever find yourself with a drained ore weak battery, just start your car and pop into gear, try it a few times. It will work but you can’t do the same with automatic vehicle.

Manual Transmissions Cost Less

Vehicles with manual transmission rate lesser than automatic vehicle. You can save some extra money and spend it on something else you really needed, or on extra features of your vehicle.

If you are planning to change your vehicle, try manual its more efficient, cheaper, safer and definitely more fun


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