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Is it okay to Buy used transmission

Before heading out to a scrapyard looking for a drivetrain, Buy used transmission use these tips to make sure that you are getting the best-used unit you can get. Compared to hunting down a  in a local salvage yard — and then doing the dirty work to take out the transmission you found and rebuild it — buying a used/refurbished/rebuilt/recycled transmission online makes so much sense. Instead of buying an all-new transmission, you should strongly consider buying a used one from the salvage yard instead. Or, you could find a reputable salvage yard that stands behind its used auto parts and purchase your replacement transmission with confidence.  

Is it okay to Buy used transmission


If you choose to sell your vehicle once the new transmission is installed, consider going to a reputable dealer. If you are new at cars, consider asking the mechanic to help you find a used transmission. If you know a lot about cars, and especially transmissions, you may want to go shopping on your own. Before spending any serious cash, be sure you find the exact model number you want, or at the very least, have the seller vouch for it being the correct one (they can often find this with the vehicle VIN).    

On brand-new cars (say, from before 1992), you can often find out what drivetrain you need knowing the engines, years, makes, and models of the car. There are so many variations in the used parts aftermarket for the transmission, that it is possible that you could end up buying the wrong model for your car.

This situation is also a big reason why, if you are going to purchase a used transmission on sale, purchase through the shop who installed it, as they are likely to stand behind their work and assist with labor should you need to exchange again.

You are buying a used transmission because it is the cheaper option, but you deep down know you are likely going to need to get it replaced or rebuilt again at some point down the line.

If fixing your current transmission is not an option, then you have a choice of replacing it with a rebuilt model or buying a new one and having them installed. In fact, it is often cheaper to have the failed or broken transmission of your car removed and repaired. If you need to purchase a new transmission soon after you buy it, you will ultimately end up spending more money over the long term.

From reading many reviews on the internet about used transmission sellers, getting it is a very complicated process that will almost always end with you losing money on the cost of shipping as well as repeated installation work.

If a used transmission does not perform well after installation, additional labor costs may occur (and warranties/shipping costs) for installing a second or third used transmission, which causes prices to rise above those for rebuilding a transmission or installing one new. The main advantage here is that typically, you will get some kind of warranty for both parts and labor via your local repair facility should the used transmission not function.

An independent transmission repair shop is in a better position to offer a solid, comprehensive warranty, so customers can keep their minds at ease following a big, expensive transmission repair. While upfront costs for the transmission are lower, an independent, trustworthy transmission repair shop offers a level of quality control simply not available in a salvage yard.

Your shop is much more likely to see a successful transmission swap and satisfied customers when you choose rebuilt, remanufactured, rather than used units. For a consumer who is simply trying to get his or her vehicle back on the road fast, a used transmission may be a good short-term solution, but as you will see in the next section, the benefits of used units to the drivetrain shop pretty much stop after low prices.

Buying a used replacement transmission is also the most cost-effective option to quickly get your car, truck, van, or SUV on the road. By purchasing a certified pre-owned older car, your manual transmission will be using your gas more efficiently, resulting in lower pump prices.

Less expensive — Buying used gearboxes that were salvaged from a donor car obviously saves some upfront cash over buying brand-new replacement gearboxes, or ones that were rebuilt/remanufactured by a gearbox expert. Buying it will save you tons of money and get you a fully functional transmission that should last you for a long time if you take care of it. Jask Auto Parts provides an end-to-end solution of finding a reliable transmission to with their years of experience while dealing with thousands of junkyards all over country. 

Your vehicle may either have an automatic or manual transmission, but regardless, you will need the drivetrain in your vehicle in order to drive the car smoothly. Your car’s transmission is the crucial component responsible for shifting the gears of your car. No matter how handy you may think you are with your vehicle, you will want to let a professional install your new transmission to make sure that it is installed properly.

Need requires regular maintenance and regular injections of fluid into the driveline, but sometimes, you just have to swap out the car’s driveline altogether. If you do eventually run into a problem with your transmission — about 20-25 percent likelihood — you will be dealing with a third-party, from another state, trying to procure a warranty replacement from yet another salvage yard, located in a different state. In most cases, the warranty on the transmission will be for a certain amount of time, or for a specific amount of miles. In some cases, you can even ask the sales agent for extended warranties if applicable on vehicles that are less than 20 years old as well. 

Before making your purchase, be sure you understand the terms and conditions of the transmission warranty. Weak Warranty: Some used-transmission sellers will offer a very limited warranty (perhaps up to 30 days) to ensure the transmission is installed and running properly when it leaves the shop, but beyond that, you are basically on your own, should issues arise.

Whether you decide to purchase your transmission online or local, always verify that your used vehicle parts supplier is appropriately licensed and accredited. You can visit our site at Jask Auto Parts and click on the authorize.net seal of trust to verify their registered account with one of the largest payment processors around the globe. 

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