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Junk Yard Vs Salvage Yard

Salvage Yard

A salvage yard is a place that collects and stores damaged or discarded vehicles, ships, railroad cars, aircraft, and other large machinery. A salvage yard can be an independent business or a part of a larger company. Salvage yards are often located near junkyards where the scrapped items are taken for recycling. Basically, it is a place where cars that have been damaged, wrecked, or just unwanted are taken. The cars are usually taken apart and the parts are sorted by category. They may be sold to other companies or they may be used to fix other
cars. Salvage yards can be found in many different industries, including automotive,
construction, and electronics.

Junk Yard

A junk yard is a place where people bring old and unused items to be recycled or discarded. It is a place where cars and other vehicles are taken to be discarded, or where they are taken to be salvaged for parts. The junk yard is usually located on the outskirts of town so that it can take up as much space as possible. Junk yards are often created by scavengers who collect unwanted items and sell them to the junkyard owner.
The term “salvage yard” & “junkyard” is often used in the United States and Canada. It derives from the meaning of “junk” as something that is no longer wanted or needed. In the United Kingdom, it is more common to call such a place a scrapyard or autowrecking yard.

Difference between Junk yard and Salvage Yard

  • A junk yard is a place where cars, appliances, and other items are taken to be broken down and recycled. Junk yards do not care about the condition of the item they receive and will break it down regardless of whether it is salvageable or not. Salvage yards are also places where cars, appliances, and other items are taken to be broken down. However, salvage yards only take in items that can be repaired or restored.
  • A junk yard is a place where old, broken-down, or unusable vehicles are brought to be stored or scrapped. A junk yard is a place where old, used, and unwanted vehicles are stored. The word "junk" is derived from the Dutch word "jonk" which means "young animal." The term junk yard was first used in the early 20th century to describe a place where old horse-drawn carriages were
    taken to be broken down and sold as scrap metal.
  • A salvage yard is a place where the wreckage of automobiles that have been damaged in an accident are collected and sold for their parts. A salvage yard is a business that buys old cars for their parts. Salvage yards are often found near junkyards because they both buy cars for scrap metal.

If you are planning to sell your old vehicle, the best place to go is a salvage yard, as they take into consideration all the auto parts in a vehicle. Salvage yar will also offer you a better deal than a junk yard. Same goes for people who are looking or a used auto part for their vehicle for quality used parts auto parts. If you are not sure where to look for a reliable salvage yard you are search online for “salvage yard near me”, “auto salvage near me” “Car salvage yards near me”, “salvage auto parts near me”. If you want to find a junk yard simply search for “Junk yard near me” or “auto junkyard near me”. Salvaging is reclining, and recycling helps our planet. So, keep salvaging and saving money!!!


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