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About Jask Used Transmissions

If you're in the market for a used transmission, JASK Automotive is a great option to consider. One of the reasons is that they have a team of experienced technicians who use best standard practices to make sure the transmission is removed and packed properly for easy and clean shipping. This ensures that the transmission you receive is in good working condition and will have a longer lifespan.

Another advantage of buying from JASK Automotive is their excellent customer service. Very few businesses offer complete 24×7 availability of sales representatives. If you have questions or queries about the transmission you're interested in or need help with the purchasing process, their parts team is available 24×7 via text, call, or email to assist you. The usual response time is within minutes and most stretched to upto 4 hours even in late nights.

Finally, JASK Automotive offers a straightforward buying process and fast efficient delivery. You can trust that your purchase will be handled quickly and will be delivered as soon as possible. All together, these features make JASK Automotive a great choice for anyone looking for a used transmission.

What to Expect When You Buy Used Transmission V/S Reman Transmission

Here are some of the fast-moving inventories of all time.

Checklist before Purchasing a Used Transmission

If you've a low-price range or you don`t want to drain your savings account by spending on buying a brand-new transmission you then certainly can look into used transmissions. But deciding on a used transmission for your vehicle isn't always as easy as it sounds.

Here is a listing of few recommendations that allows you to select the best used transmission available in market


To understand the needs of our customers and be their partner in the repair process of damaged vehicles.

Use latest software and updates from dealership to maintain top of the line interchangeability and direct replacement parts to all customers.

Passion / Vision

Position Jask Used Auto Parts Inc. as the premier parts supplier in both USA/Canada and be the one point of contact for all used auto parts that anyone may need.

Why Choose Jask Transmissions ?

JASK offers you the largest supply of used transmission in USA. We provide quality transmission to our customers by testing and inspecting each and every auto part we offer. We conduct a detailed examination of every auto part to confirm that every transmission we deliver is up to quality standards. If you are looking for a second hand or used transmission near you but unable to find one which fits your budget and quality standards then your wait is over, JASK has thoroughly tested and inspected used auto parts ready to ship all over USA.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Transmissions are WITHOUT A FILTER. We assure that it will shift properly and smoothly, gears to be good and bearings to be good. Please thoroughly clean all components of the transmission including oil pan before assembly to ensure better performance. Replace oil and filter in all types of automatic transmissions. Seals and gaskets must be replaced prior to installation. Flush & flow test cooler and lines. Fully engage torque converter in front pump. In case of manual transmission, you must install a new clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder. You must also have your flywheel turned prior to installation to ensure better performance. Fill and check fluid to insure proper levels.

EXCLUDED parts on transmissions which aren't under warranty are Filter, Gaskets, Seals, All Sensors, and Electrical Parts, Transmission Cooler, Mounts, Transmission Lines, Tuning & Adjustments, and Transferring of parts. **Failure to Replace Filter, fluids, Flushing Transmission cooling lines and/or improper installation will VOID the Transmissions Warranty completely.

In many cases, a used transmissions life will last longer than the vehicles life itself. This runs true if you have a high mileage vehicle. People with high mileage vehicles can gain from used auto parts as they don't need splurge money in buying a new auto part in old vehicle.

It's a bit of a wager both ways. If it is a rebuild by a specialized store with a good repute, I myself would possibly take the rebuild.

However, if it's a working used transmission with provable low miles, and the charge was right. I for one would consider it too. I would open the valve covers and look inside, see how was it kept?

So, the answer is It depends on several factors, a rebuilt or a used transmission both can give you years of comfort without visits to a mechanic. You just need to look closely and choose carefully.

You can buy used transmission or other auto parts buy visiting our site and selecting make, model and the part you need with other details to find your perfect auto part. Or you can simply call us and our customer support (800-790-9827) operator will guide you through the process which is simple, easy and quick.

All parts we sell are tested and matched with VIN# to make sure fitment. But in case you have received a damaged, defective or incorrect one, you can easily return or replace it. Sometimes auto parts can get damaged in transit or it just doesn't fit, whatever the reason, you can be at ease as we provide full warranty with every auto part. You can get your money back or a replacement whatever you prefer.

Find Used Transmissions for Sale by Brands

JASK auto parts sells used auto parts for all brands make and models at a very affordable price. All our auto parts are tested and inspected before shipping and every auto part we sell comes with a warranty.