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We, at JASK Auto Parts Inc offer the best cost effective prices for low mileage engines having a standardized countrywide pricing system for used parts keeping us highly competitive among any auto recycler. We also have reputation of providing best in class after sales customer service as we are available 20×7 hours a week. All engines that we sell go through a stringent quality check either by running the vehicle or compression test before shipping to have minimum issues during installation. Most engines are sold as complete engines including all basic accessories like oil pan, timing chain, timing cover, intake-exhaust manifolds and fuel injectors. A standard warranty of 90 days is always provided depending on age of the vehicle to make sure customers have enough time to install, check and test drive the vehicle and have peace of mind on their purchase.

Used Engine V/S Reman Engine

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Buying an Used Engine Guide


To understand the needs of our customers and be their partner in the repair process of damaged vehicles.

Use latest software and updates from dealership to maintain top of the line interchangeability and direct replacement parts to all customers.

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Position Jask Used Auto Parts Inc. as the premier parts supplier in both USA/Canada and be the one point of contact for all used auto parts that anyone may need.

what to Look for in a Used Engine?

STEPS - How to Check a Used Engine ?

Inspect the car`s fluids. Fluids are one of the most reliable indicators of the state of an engine. The oil needs to be brown, translucent. It shouldn't smell burnt or be cloudy, clumpy or discolored, all of which might be indications of engine problems. Coolant needs to be full and incorporate antifreeze, that's usually green in colour.

Search for leaks. Leaks are an indicator that something is wrong with the car or engine. Have an experienced mechanic inspect areas of the engine in which you notice fluid collecting. Park the car on a particularly smooth concrete parking slab and keep it there overnight. You will find areas with leakage with giant pool of fluid pooled at the concrete below the leak..

Start the car you are planning to buy or get the used engine from. If the car starts without difficulty without any struggle, thumping or delay it is a good sign. Pay attention to the engine sound. The engine shouldn't make any beating, thumping or beeping noises, and there should be no smoke. Check the exhaust and notice if any unusual volume of emissions is being released. Emissions smokes must be fairly clear and unnoticeable and not black blue or white. The vehicle should hold a stable idle.

Drive the vehicle, notice the way it accelerates, halts and continues speed. Listen for any bizarre knocks, bumps or screeches. Notice if the vehicle falters or appears to wavers in any way. Watch gauges carefully, ensuring everything stays in normal range while driving. Drive car at different speeds for at the least half-hour to ensure lots of time to heat up and carefully compare the car`s condition.

Take the vehicle to a professional mechanic and get a compression check done on the used engine. The compression makes sure and measures if the engine has accurate pressure. A lack of compression in an engine is a caution signal of significant troubles with the rings, cylinders or valves. If any dashboard error lighting fixtures are on, have mechanic connect a code reader to the car`s pc and test it for error codes to find out the problem.

Find Used Engines for Sale by Brands

JASK auto parts sells used auto parts for all brands make and models at a very affordable price. All our auto parts are tested and inspected before shipping and every auto part we sell comes with a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions!

When you order an used engine assembly, it is a complete assembly including manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor, we warranty only the long block.

  • All our engines are tested before they are shipped out by either running it in our yard or by doing a compression test on them. 
  • Engines are typically sold as complete engines which includes all basic accessories, like oil pan, timing chain, timing belt and fuel injectors. Parts like AC compressors, evaporator, alternator are usually attached with engine but since these are also sold separately they may be not go with engine. If you have a specific part in mind which must be included please inform sales representative at the time of purchase so they can make sure it's included. 
  • Items such as the water pump, distributor cap, spark plugs & wiring and at times timing chain may need to be replaced. JASK Auto Parts will not be held liable for these parts listed as they are considered high-wear parts.
  • The manifolds, gaskets, seals, hoses, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor, are not. accessories such as but not limited to turbos, starters, air compressors, alternator, power steering pumps, optical distributors, wiring harnesses or electrical water pumps are usually not included nor under warranty in regards to the sale and/or warranty of an engine.
  • Please, check the warranty for the engine with your sales agent.
  • For additional information about Warranty, Return & Refund Policy | terms & conditions | Shipping Policy  log onto our parent website

It is very common to use remanufactured engine in a vehicle, which is essentially a used engine that has been repaired. Depending on who does the reman work, it is probably akin to a brand-new engine.

A low-mileage used engine is mostly better that a new one, however they are not easy to find. But with some research you can find a good used engine and save yourself some money.

It's a bit of a wager both ways. If it is a rebuild by a specialized store with a good repute, I myself would possibly take the rebuild.

However, if it's a working used engine with provable low miles, and the charge was right. I for one would consider it too. I would open the valve covers and look inside, see how was it kept?

So, the answer is It depends on several factors, a rebuilt or a used engine both can give you years of comfort without visits to a mechanic. You just need to look closely and choose carefully.

You can buy used engine or other auto parts buy visiting our site and selecting make, model and the part you need with other details to find your perfect auto part. Or you can simply call us and our customer support operator will guide you through the process which is simple, easy and quick.

If you aren't satisfied with the auto part, or you have received a damaged one, you can easily return or replace it. Sometimes auto parts can get damaged in transit or it just doesn't fit, whatever the reason, you can be at ease as we provide full warranty with every auto part. You can get your money back or a replacement whatever you prefer.