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About Jask Used Ecm (Electronic Control Unit)

JASK Auto Parts Inc. has one of the largest selection of used and refurbished Body Control Modules which match stock OEM specs at prices often even lower than your next door junkyards/auto recyclers. Our inventory includes OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) modules, Transmission Control Modules (TCM), Theft Locking Control Modules, Airbag control Modules, Cruise Control Module, ABS Control Modules, Throttle Control Modules, Transmission Control Modules (TCM), Multifunction Control Modules, and many other modules / computer chips that come on any car manufactured and sold in US/Canada. We are the most dependable supplier of computers for replacement auto engine control modules thanks to our more than ten years of industry expertise. All parts sold are guaranteed to fit and work and matched with dealer provided part numbers and carry a warranty to assure customers that if in case part doesn't work for them it can be easily returned.


When you order an used ECM (Electronic Control Module), Theft Control Modules, Airbag Control Modules, Body Control Modules (BCM), Body Control Modules (BCM), Transmission Control Modules (TCM), and any other automotive control units they are tested before being getting shipped. We make sure they came out of good running cars and the part is functional. As a customer please make sure to provide the exact part number or other allied information like VIN# or picture of the part to help you find an exact match.

We specialize in used Electronic Control Module for brands like Acura ECM, Audi ECM, BMW ECM, Chrysler PCM, Dodge PCM, Eagle ECM, Fiat ECM, Ford PCM, Geo ECM, Honda ECM, Hyundai ECM, Kia ECM, Infiniti ECM, Jeep PCM, Lexus ECM, Lincoln PCM, Mazda ECM, Mercedes ECM, Mercury PCM, Mitsubishi ECM, Nissan PCM, Plymouth ECM, Scion, Toyota ECM, Volkswagen ECM and GM ECM (including Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Isuzu, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saab & Saturn) models.

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To understand the needs of our customers and be their partner in the repair process of damaged vehicles.

Use latest software and updates from dealership to maintain top of the line interchangeability and direct replacement parts to all customers.

Passion / Vision

Position Jask Used Auto Parts Inc. as the premier parts supplier in both USA/Canada and be the one point of contact for all used auto parts that anyone may need.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Installation of ECM's could be fairly simple, and may take up to 30 minutes of work. Below are generic steps that you need to take during installation:

  • Make sure the battery is charged over 12V. The wiring Harness is cleaned and in good condition(not torn or damaged in any way).
  • Disconnect the battery and wait a few minutes before installing ECM (About 15-20 minutes). You can check the owner's manual to locate the location of the ECM. 
  • Unbolt the older ECM and reconnect the new one. Make sure all connections are secured tightly. 
  • Connect the battery again. Start the vehicle and check for any visible warning signs. If all is good take a test drive and make sure everything is in order before opening a pack of beer to celebrate a job well done.
  • For additional information about Warranty, Return & Refund Policy | terms & conditions | Shipping Policy  log onto our parent website

When you order an used ECM from us, we match it with exact part number that customers provide or go with with VIN# of customers and getting a part number to match from dealer so sometimes it just works directly and sometimes it needs to be programmed. In most cases, vehicles older than year 2000 don't need programming. Newer vehicles have better security systems in place like immobilizer and they require programming it as per the VIN# by a trained technician from dealership or by local mechanic with expertise of re-programming the module safely.

Plug and Play units, are a direct replacement for the factory unit in your car. No additional wiring is needed when installing a Plug and play ECM, nor an adapter harness. programming. Only the older vehicles are known to be plug-and-play and can be directly installed. However we also offer a range of refurbished ECM's that come programmed as per your VIN#. Please ask your sales rep for prices on re-furbished units.

Our sales representatives access live shipping rates to the customer's address and provide shipping solutions. Customers can choose to expedite delivery depending on the urgency or choose regular ground shipping. We as premium partners of UPS get over 40% discounted shipping costs and our usual shipping prices range only from $10-$25.

You can buy used ECM or other auto parts by visiting our site and selecting the make, model, and part you need with other details to find your part. Or you can simply call us at 1800-790-9827 or text us at 616-341-7001 and our parts specialist will guide you through the process which is as simple as figuring out the correct part, getting prices, and making payments over the phone, via email invoice, and PayPal as well.

If the part you receive isn't working, or you have received a damaged one, you can easily return or replace it. Sometimes auto parts can get damaged in transit or just don't fit, whatever the reason, you can be at ease as we provide a full warranty with every auto part. You can get your money back or a replacement whatever you prefer. Just inform the respective sales representative that you have and they will assist you in getting a replacement.

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JASK auto parts sells used auto parts for all brands make and models at a very affordable price. All our auto parts are tested and inspected before shipping and every auto part we sell comes with a warranty.